• Required documents: Pasport (ID – identity card) and driver’s license
  • The minimum age of the client is 24, the maximum is 70

You can also rent a car with a driver service

  • Minimum driving experience – 2 years!


  • Rental period is not less than 2 days
  • The calculation of the period starts from the moment of signing the contract of acceptance / handover of the car
  • If the car is delayed more than 5 hours from the return time, the customer pays an extra day


  • Payment is made by bank transfer, credit card or cash
  • Rent is fully paid when the client receives a car
  • The insurance deposit is not less than 300 AZN. This amount will be returned to the client, if there are no accidents and fines

Car rental does not include:

  • If the client returns the car before the scheduled time, payment for days not used will not be returned to the client
  • At the end of the lease period, additional fuel is not paid for
  • Fuel costs
  • Car wash
  • Parking
  • Fines for traffic violations
  • Damage to the car inside and out, as well as tire damage

The deductible is a condition that the customer will pay part of the costs associated with the repair of damaged vehicles. The paid part is called a franchise. If you damaged the car, then you will pay only the franchise amount for the repair.

Car rental includes:

  • Full insurance (CDW + TPL)
  • On time checked at the service vehicles that are in good condition
  • There are no restrictions on mileage / Unlimited mileage
  • One additional driver
  • You can drive only in the territory of Azerbaijan Republic. You can’t leave the country!
  • Free car delivery at Baku. Just enter the date and address!
  • Free change and cancellation of booking (must be specified in 2 days)
  • Seasonal tires

Optional equipment:

GPS-navigation system (Android based) – 5AZN per day

Child seat (0-7 years) – 5AZN per day

Note: When ordering, you confirm that you agree with the terms of the lease and accept them. You must sign a lease when you receive a car. If any of the terms of the lease agreement does not suit you, you can discuss it with the company. If you have any questions, you can get more information by calling this number: +99450 277 99 88 (WhastApp & Viber)

It is important that you immediately contact the company manager if there is a defect in the car or an accident occurred. A report is required from the police. Repair and replacement of the car is will be only by the company. Terms of insurance will be invalid if the rules are not meet.

Smoking in cars is prohibited. The penalty is 100 AZN

If the car key is lost, you will have to pay for the replacement. (300 AZN)

It is forbidden to take alcoholic drinks and drive a car. Fine of 2000 AZN

It is forbidden to use cars on hunting and off-road. Fine 5000 AZN

Our company respects the rights of its customers and guarantees the confidentiality of your personal information.

For many people traveling abroad, transfer from the airport is an actual problem. BOOKING CAR in Baku is an excellent opportunity to arrive right from the airport to the hotel or another place at your discretion. If you are planning to rent a car with a driver, then you forget about the problem of car parking, traffic jams and the need to find the most optimal route. Our drivers are real professionals. They have excellent knowledge of the city and will be happy to help you in different situations.

It should be noted that the rates for the car rental service in Baku (with the driver) depend on the brand, class of the selected car and the rental period.

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