Already warmed up, so there is an opportunity to travel to the regions of Azerbaijan and enjoy nature and fresh air. One of the most popular destinations is the city of Gabala.
Gabala is the oldest city in Azerbaijan, the age of which is about two thousand years.
During the sixteenth century, Gabala became the capital of Caucasian Albania, mentioned in the works of ancient historians of the 1st century. Later in Arabic sources it was mentioned as Khazar. Then the city was subsequently included in the state of Shirvanshakhov and Shekinski khanate.
The ruins of the ancient Gabala are located 15 km from the modern city. Findings found during the excavation of the ancient city today can be seen in the city museum. The neighborhoods of Gabala are rich in historical and architectural monuments.
From the tourist point of view of the city, it is interesting that there are many historical monuments, mosques, mausoleums, temples, towers. In one of the villages live the descendants of ancient Albanians.
The city also attracts with its amazingly beautiful nature, it is surrounded by mountains and a huge amount of greenery. Relax here on the shores of Lake Nohur, where all conditions are created for this. Interested in visiting also the waterfall, located in the recreation area “Seven beauties”.
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