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Guba (Cuba) is one of the major cities on the list. Located 165 km. north of Baku. The city was founded in the XV century. The lip is especially good in spring, when its many gardens and parks bloom. In Guba and its environs there are many historical monuments. Numerous mosques have survived here – Cathedral Mosque (XIX century), Sakina Khanum Mosque (XVIII century), Ardabil Mosque (XIX century), Famous Juma Mosque. As well as the House of Guba Khan, medieval baths and a fortress. The surroundings of Guba are no less beautiful. Especially attractive for tourists are the Afurdzhinsky waterfall 30 meters high and the Tengi gorge, striking with its pristine beauty. Guba is a famous center of carpet weaving. From here, souvenirs of local artisans and the famous Guba carpets are brought.

I would also like to note that not only in the summer, but also in the winter, guests often travel to Guba for a ski resort. Also tourists use “Rent a Car Baku” company transfers.